Customs Watch service

The Customs in the Netherlands has the right to seize any goods which it suspects are in violation of intellectual property rights. If the holder of the intellectual property rights wants to take any action against this violation, they have to do so within a very strict and short deadline. Any decision to take action will depend on the strategic and financial considerations involved. That is why NLO Shieldmark has developed a dedicated Customs Watch service to take care of all the customs issues for you.


Important considerations

If you are the holder of certain intellectual property rights and you receive notification from the Customs service about the confiscation counterfeit goods, then you have a number of difficult decisions to make. What are the possible options? Will you be liable for damages if it turns out that the confiscated goods do not infringe your intellectual property rights? Will you lose your right to take action at a later date if you ignore a confiscation report? And will Customs continue to confiscate the counterfeit goods afterwards if they are in larger quantities? How much is it all going to cost? Is it really worth taking action every time Customs confiscates counterfeit goods?


What is Customs Watch?

To ensure maximum effectiveness of any action against counterfeit goods and to help the holders of trademark rights and design rights deal with all the issues associated with Customs seizures, NLO Shieldmark has developed a special practical service: Customs Watch. This service will help you protect your intellectual property rights and take effective, proactive steps to minimise any damage caused by counterfeit goods. In many cases, it will help you to track down and destroy counterfeit goods before they even reach the market.


Tailor-made monitoring

The Customs Watch service can be tailored to meet your specific needs. All you have to do is give us the details of the intellectual property rights, the countries both inside and outside Europe where you want monitoring to take place and the guidelines for Customs on how to spot counterfeit goods.


Renewal deadline monitoring

Naturally, we will ensure that you are updated about any critical deadlines. And any legal action we take on your behalf following a seizure by Customs – such as cease-and-desist and destruction orders – will be carried out in a cost efficient way. We can also arrange for other intellectual property rights, such as patent rights, to be registered with the Customs service.


Want to know about our Customs Watch service?

For more information about our Customs Watch service, please contact your NLO Shieldmark attorney.

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Fake invoices

Fake invoices are unfortunately a well known problem among trademark owners. A fake invoice is a misleading invoice (or letter) which reffers to a trademark, design, patent or patent application. A payment is requested for a publication in a register or to extend the validity of a registration.They use names like Worldwide database or Trademarks and Patents, Euro IP Register, International Patent & Trademark Database.


More information and examples of fake invoices


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NLO Shieldmark wins Award ‘Benelux - Firm of the Year for Trade Mark Prosecution’

NLO Shieldmark is proud to have been voted ‘Benelux - Firm of the Year for Trade Mark Prosecution’ by the highly respected Managing IP magazine. The award was presented on Thursday 10 March 2016 in London.


We wish to thank our clients and fellow professionals for their positive feedback and for believing in our quality and service.